Osteopathy, when?

…osteopathy is appropriate at all ages...

Osteopathy for adults

Osteopathy can be applied for a wide spectrum of complaints, and is appropriate for every age category. However, osteopathy is not appropriate as a treatment for acute infections. For this, it is advised to consult your general practitioner.
With your permission, it is also possible for us to contact your general practitioner/specialist to discuss your case.

Some examples of complaints are:

- headache
- neck- and back complaints
- muscle- and joint complaints
- radiating pain from arms or legs
- complaints which persist after an accident
- whiplash
- concentration/focus issues

- sleeping disorders
- fatigue
- sports injuries
- specific forms of balance issues, as well as tinnitus

- facial pain
- chronic inflammation (e.g. bladder/throat/respiratory inflammation)
- jaw pains, gnashing teeth
- treatment of a burnout
- hormonal complaints
- complaints of menstruation
- irritable bowel

- complaints of incontinence
- post-operative complaints (scars and adhesion issues)
- chronic fatigue
- asthma bronchiale and other respiratory problems (COPD)

Osteopathy has shown to be very effective in treating recurring complaints, as well as injuries which have an aberrant recovery process. Osteopathy may also be effective as preventive therapy. An osteopath can already monitor loss of mobility before complaints occur. Of course, prevention is better than treatment! It is not possible to give a full list of complaints which may be treated by osteopathy.
If there are any questions, it is always possible to contact us.

Treatment of a patient in our practice

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Osteopathy during pregnancy

Treatment of a pregnant woman, and the supervision of mother and child after birth have traditionally taken a special place within the osteopathy. Because of its gentle and very effective treatment methods, osteopathy is certainly appropriate for this target group. Osteopathy is a safe and valuable treatment method for complaints during and after pregnancy.

It is of crucial importance for both mother and child to maintain a great vitality before, during and after pregnancy.
In a relatively short time period, there are many changes on mechanical, hormonal as well as emotional level. Indications to treat a pregnant woman are for example: pelvis and/or back complaints, problems during earlier pregnancies, fluid retention (e.g. oedema) in hands or feet, with or without a tingling feeling, heartburn, neck and/or shoulder complaints, head ache or constipation.

Additionally, the osteopath can give support to prepare for the delivery of the baby. The osteopathic treatment may increase the comfort of both the baby as well as the mother, since it improves the freedom of movement (i.e. mobility). Consequen-tially, this may decrease the risk of having complications during childbirth.

Osteopathy for the child

In medicine, there is a golden rule which is that a child cannot been seen as a small adult. This golden rule is maintained in osteopathy! The starting point of a treatment is the child itself, not the label attached to the child. Our approach in the treatment of a child, is that it is most important to respect the child as it is, and work from there on.
The child determines the course of the treatment, not the parents nor the therapist.

More information about osteopathy for children, can be found here.