Pediatric osteopathy

The newborn

Incidents during pregnancy and the period around the birth itself may have an impact on the health of the newborn child. Examples of such incidents may be stress, illness or an accident during pregnancy or a difficult delivery of the baby. The birth process usually proceeds without too many problems. Still, the birth of a child is one of the most stressful events for the human body. The child and its body have to endure enormous forces, which may deform and shift skull bones. This should, however, not cause any problems, since the skull tissue shape can still be altered.
Sometimes the delivery of the baby is not as smooth, due to long-lasting labor pains, slow dilatation or vacuum extraction. If the force during delivery was too high, it is probable that the child cannot compensate, thus leading to a loss in mobility. This may eventually become a disturbing factor in the further development of the child.

In general, it is beneficial to do a preventive check to verify the body balance of the baby, which is crucial to guarantee a good recovery from the delivery. Osteopathy may contribute to the health of the baby in a good and safe way.  Additionally, babies appear to respond positively to osteopathic treatment. Since babies cannot be interpreted as small adults, they need special attention in both medicine as well as osteopathic treatment. Every newborn should be approached in a different and unique way.

Common complaints for which parents visit our practice with their baby are: drinking and swallowing problems, reflux, excessive crying, restless or unsatisfied babies, sleeping problems, posture deviations of the body or head, skull flattening, digestive problems such as stomach cramps, excessive hiccups, on and undress issues and asymmetry in limb movement etc.

The newborn
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Treatment of a baby in our practice.

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