Intake interview and first treatment

During the first visit, we will analyse your complaints and the history of these complaints in a stepwise fashion. We will especially give attention to the commencement and the development of the complaints, earlier treatments and performed tests/examinations, medicine use, etcetera.

The intake interview will be followed by advice, explanation and consideration of the treatment. Coupled with this intake interview, will subsequently be the first treatment. During this treatment you will be asked to remove the upper body clothing. The recovery process that starts during the treatment, will be continued after the treatment. You do not need to pay attention to this process, although signs such as fatigue should not be ignored.
If there are any questions after the treatment, it is always possible to send an e-mail, or to consult via telephone.

The treatment plan may also include advice focused on exercises, nutrition, and certain matters (e.g. activities) which should not be done by the patient. The frequency of treatments and the time period between treatments are dependent on the nature and intensity of the complaints.

Practical information

It is possible to make an appointment by calling the phone number: 045-3690526. If you leave your name and phone number, we will make sure that you will be called back.
It is also an option to contact us via e-mail:

If an appointment needs to be cancelled, this should be done at least 24 hours before treatment, otherwise the appointment will be charged.
A standard consultation lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

As of January 1, 2023, the following rates apply in our practice.

Rate adults and children from 6 years:
Standard consultation (45-60 min): 97.00
Short consultation (30 min): 73.00

Rate children from 0-6 years:
First consultation (45-60 min): 97.00
Follow-up consultation (30 min): 73.00

The treatment can be paid in cash, via ATM (PIN), or via bank transfer.

The website can be consulted to give more information about the financial compensation for the treatment, since this may differ between insurance companies.

More information about the location of the practice, can be found here.

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